HOA Rules


  • Parking in a parking place other than that assigned to the unit you own or rent is not permitted for any reason without the express written consent of the owner. A parking pass must be displayed in the front windshield at all times.
  • There will be a $35.00 fine for the loss of a parking pass.
  • Each unit is permitted one car in LaPaloma at any time, including cars of the owner, tenants or visitors.
  • No motor homes, trailers, campers, or buses are allowed into LaPaloma.


  • No one under 12 years of age is allowed in the swimming pools without adult supervision and those under 15 are not allowed in the Jacuzzis at any time.
  • Use of the swimming pool is forbidden to infants.
  • A shower is required before using the swimming pools or hot tubs.
  • No glass containers or other breakable items may be carried around LaPaloma or brought into recreational areas.
  • Discharging fireworks anywhere within LaPaloma is not permitted. A fine of $25 will be changed.
  • Walkways and paths are for the exclusive use of pedestrians with the exception of wheelchairs, strollers and security patrol bicycles. Skates, scooters and skateboards are expressly forbidden. Strollers, bicycles, etc. may not be left in the public walkways or stairways.
  • Dogs must be leashed in the common areas. Dog waste must be removed immediately.
  • Maximum vehicle speed within the complex is 10 kilometers per hour.


  • Hanging clothes, towels, swimsuits and the like from windows, patios, or other areas of common use is not permitted.
  • Occupants will not do anything that is detrimental to the appearance of the complex. In particular, all equipment, tools, trashcans and the like must be out of sight of neighbors and common areas.
  • Garbage and waste will be placed in sealed plastic bags and put in the areas designated for disposal.


  • Excessive noise that upsets the tranquility and pleasant use of nearby units or common areas is not permitted. Noise disturbing the tranquility of the area between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am will result in a fine of $25 to the homeowner.
  • Music played in common areas must be done with personal headsets.


  • Visitors and short term tenants are not allowed to bring pets into LaPaloma or to use the pools spas or tennis courts unless they have physical access to a unit. Owner and tenant pets must be registered at the security guard entrance.
  • There are occupancy limitations per unit depending on the unit floor plan. Plan #1: 4 occupants; Plan #2, 3 & 5: 6 occupants; Plan #4, 6 & 7: 8 occupants. Short term tenants are not allowed visitors in excess of this number.
  • Visitors to LaPaloma not preauthorized by the owner will be denied entrance. Visitors must leave the complex by 10:00 pm and visitor passes returned to the security booth.


  • Game tables and play equipment must be the same after use as before. Persons under 15 years of age are not allowed to use the game tables and equipment without adult supervision.
  • Keys to the gym are available with a picture ID at the security booth. Rules for the gym must be agreed to by signature and are also posted at the gym. Proper gym attire is required.
  • Persons using the tennis courts are required to wear the proper footwear. The tennis courts are for tennis use only.
  • Users of common area cooking facilities must remove ashes and clean the facilities after use.
  • Use of swimming pools, Jacuzzis and recreational areas are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


  • Use of all LaPaloma areas, equipment, and facilities is at the risk of the owner and their guests. The Home Owners Association assumes no responsibility for accidents or other damage incurred on the LaPaloma grounds
  • Fees for rule violations and damage to the common areas by renters, visitors or owners are the financial responsibility of the owner.
  • Violators will be sanctioned with an Extraordinary Fee of $25.00.